Fashion & Accessories

Top quality domestic leather is a basic element of our production. We produce modern and quality leather models of men's and women's jackets, bags, wallets, belts and gloves. Natural leather has an advantage over other materials and opens you up to a new look at leather and leather clothing.


Contact person: Roša Nermin
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Phone number: 066/205-861


Conference production: production of all garments according to customer requirements, both domestic and foreign.

Production of military, police and tactical equipment: Production and production of military, police, tactical equipment, footwear and haberdashery and various special accessories are part of our production process. Military and tactical equipment meets all the requirements that can be set before reconnaissance, sabotage, anti-terrorist, special and police units. In this area we follow world trends in our production.

Production of special-purpose equipment: Our production facilities produce products intended for body protection and protective clothing that are produced in accordance with military standards or
specifications or some other equivalents and specially designed components (ballistic vests and ballistic plates). All dedicated products are made in accordance with applicable certified standards (NIJ standard).

Contact persons: Ćosatović Dževahira and Sejdić Jasmin
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Phone number: 061/152-917 and 061/615-323


The root of the transport service is the trust between the owner of the shipment and the company that takes responsibility for the realization of its delivery.

We offer solutions for a complete package of logistics services so that you can fully dedicate yourself to your core business.

Professionalism, excellent knowledge of the market, as well as ambitious plans of the company are a guarantee of quality

The main goals of the quality policy and overall business of the company Koteks doo for transport and logistics are:

  • to achieve and maintain a leading position among transport companies in the region and beyond;
  • ensure full satisfaction of the users of our services as the most important condition for long-term development;
  • improve the quality of relationships by motivating employees and otherwise create an environment that is attractive to employees.

Achieving these goals implies maximum engagement of management and all employees, especially in:

  • planning and defining the strategy and directions of future development,
  • establishing a modern work organization that will enable the introduction of new values and a higher level of service quality,
  • meaningful investment in new technologies that should provide our leadership in the field of international freight forwarding,
  • permanent training and education of employees, delegating responsibility for the implementation of quality policy and establishing and improving teamwork,
  • continuous improvement of the quality system, in order to ensure its lasting efficiency.

Contact person: Mulasmajić Tarik
Phone number: 061/788-469